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“My name is Ibukun, I celebrated my birthday on April 22th…. It was my first time celebrating my birthday party in a big way, I wanted to make the day I memorial one, so I start looking for MUSIC ARTIST that will entertain my guest…. So I approach one bros in my street that use to sing that he should come with his friends to come and sing for me on my birthday, the bros said no problem but I should prepare 20k for him and his friends…….. The money is too much for me, I almost give up, until one of my friend tell me about *SING FOR YOU*…. I contact them and pay them just 3,000 naira, and they did a song for me which dj played over and over again all through the day, they made me feel important and special, they even attend the party and entertained my quest for me.

You people should try *SING FOR YOU*, They are reliable and very good at what they do… Feel free to download below if you want to listen the song they did for me”


A big fan of yours

My name is smart lucky, I’m a music artist myself and a student of OOU….. I celebrated my birthday on May 20 and my friend still talks about how much they were entertained till today, it’s not the drinks that I bought or the food I cooked that make them enjoyed the party so much but the SING FOR YOU CREW that came my party to entertained my guest, especially when they performed the song of praise that they compose for me, they even praise all my guys inside the song, they carried everyone along and it was wow!!! And what’s wonderful about this is that I only paid 3,000 naira!

Like seriously if you haven’t try this guy you are dulling yourself o….
Just try and download the song they sang for me below and am very sure you will be blown away totally!!


Artists In Charge ★★★★


I Love Sing For You